Forty-three albums from the late genius composer and saxophonist.
Anthony Sabatini: Make America FloridaListen now | On Tuesday, GOP voters in Florida's 7th Congressional District have a chance to send a legit badass to Congress. They should take it.
The appeal of the Bush-era martyr and cuckold complex in politics.
My question, "Do You Know What Time It Is?" has become a catch-phrase in American politics. Get shirts, tank tops and other merch from the store now.
Knowing what the end product of a journalist’s effort will look like can guide how to deal with him or her–and how to leverage that insight into a…
The living legend of Brazilian music turns 80 alongside Paul McCartney. Two career-spanning Spotify playlists included.
Kurt Schlichter: In Praise of the New RulesListen now | Catching up with the author of his forthcoming tenth book, "We'll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America."
The Right's Low Self-EsteemWatch now (11 min) | Talking to Carl Benjamin about how conservatives are always looking for someone on the Left to validate them or their views—and how…
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