Even as the US touts its efforts to punish Moscow with harsh economic sanctions, it might be time for a reevaluation. Plus: Two of Jorge Ben's early 70s absolute must-hear classics.
Pedro Gonzalez: Ukraine, Russia and the Madness of CrowdsListen now | The Plus: John Coltrane's "Sheets of Sound" Lullaby.
Western oligarchs funded an ecosystem of influence in order to pull Ukraine into Europe, setting it on a collision course with Russia. Plus: Epic…
Rick Beato: On the Joys of Music and the Nature of CreativityListen now | Plus: Elvin Jones steals the spotlight on McCoy Tyner's classic "Passion Dance."
As “whiteness” becomes code for “evil,” many Jews are understandably—but misguidedly—fleeing the label. Plus: Wayne Shorter's killer Blue Note album…
And what it means for America's future. Plus: Joyce's unreleased masterpiece from 1976, "Visions of Dawn."
The (Secret) Best Deal on Jazz Vinyl TodayWatch now (9 min) | The sublime 1970s Milestone Two-fers. Plus: Joe Henderson's early records on Milestone, alternately hard bop and dreamy.
Julie Kelly: Van Halen, GenX, and Our Political PrisonersListen now (62 min) | Talking about the generation gap with America's indispensable chronicler of government corruption. Plus: In 1972, Brooklyn's Alice…
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