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Anthony Sabatini: Make America Florida

Anthony Sabatini: Make America Florida

On Tuesday, GOP voters in Florida's 7th Congressional District have a chance to send a legit badass to Congress. They should take it.

Episode 18: Anthony Sabatini

This is a special, shorter-than-usual Late Republic Nonsense podcast. Tomorrow, August 23rd, is the Republican primary election for Florida’s 7th Congressional District.

My friend—and fellow Claremont Institute Lincoln Fellowship alum—Anthony Sabatini is running. He’s currently representing the 32nd district in Florida House of Representatives, where he’s been at Governor Ron DeSantis’ side for the last four years. If you don’t follow him on twitter, you should.

There’s nobody more brave, principled and smart running for Congress this year. If you want your Members of Congress to know what time it is, Anthony is your guy.

I spent this past weekend in Anthony’s district, visiting with him and other great friends who’ve supported him. On Saturday and Sunday, two of the bravest, most outspoken politicians in Washington—Reps. Marjorie Taylor Green and Thomas Massie—campaigned with him.

They’ve been doing the work; I’m told that Anthony and his excellent, highly-motivated team of volunteers knocked on twice the number of doors any Florida congressional race. If you’re in Anthony’s district, and you’re eligible to vote tomorrow, there’s nobody out there who deserves your vote more than he does.

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Intro Music

“Time is Movin” is the opening track of the Blackbyrds’ 1976 album, Unfinished Business. Comprised of former Howard University music students of legendary jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd, the band took its name from Black Byrd, the Byrd’s pioneering electric funk record on Blue Note. The Blackbyrds seemed to track stylistically with Byrd himself, becoming more pop and disco-oriented as the decade progressed. All the Blackbyrds’ LPs are fun, especially the self-titled first album with the Van Gogh's 'Wheatfield With Crows' cover.

I Know What Time It Is

Do You Know What Time It Is?” seems like it’s everywhere, and is being used by everyone (even a few very based candidates for public office). It captures a very real divide between folks on the Right who understand that we’re in a fundamentally different place than we were even a decade ago, and that repeating the empty mantras of the Bush years is inadequate to the task. We’re a country today that is unbelievably divided–and we’re not divided about dumb stuff; we’re divided about the fundamental character of the American regime. But you know all that.

I made these designs for t-shirts and tank tops that, I think, captures the ticking clock at the end of the Republic.

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David Reaboi talks to his friends. I skipped the desktop computer and microphone for the couch and the phone. I had a feeling it would change the ambiance and energy of the chat—making it more intimate, and removing as much of the “podcast” artifice as possible. It sounds exactly like a phone call, because it is. I hope what’s conveyed to the listener is a bit of spontaneity, humor, insight, and real affection between the folks speaking.