Late Republic Nonsense Podcast

David Reaboi talks to his friends. I skipped the desktop computer and microphone for the couch and the phone. I had a feeling it would change the ambiance and energy of the chat—making it more intimate, and removing as much of the “podcast” artifice as possible. It sounds exactly like a phone call, because it is. I hope what’s conveyed to the listener is a bit of spontaneity, humor, insight, and real affection between the folks speaking.

Anthony Sabatini: Make America FloridaListen now | On Tuesday, GOP voters in Florida's 7th Congressional District have a chance to send a legit badass to Congress. They should take it.
Kurt Schlichter: In Praise of the New RulesListen now | Catching up with the author of his forthcoming tenth book, "We'll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America."
Pedro Gonzalez: Ukraine, Russia and the Madness of CrowdsListen now | The Plus: John Coltrane's "Sheets of Sound" Lullaby.
Rick Beato: On the Joys of Music and the Nature of CreativityListen now | Plus: Elvin Jones steals the spotlight on McCoy Tyner's classic "Passion Dance."
Julie Kelly: Van Halen, GenX, and Our Political PrisonersListen now (62 min) | Talking about the generation gap with America's indispensable chronicler of government corruption. Plus: In 1972, Brooklyn's Alice…
Sean Davis: The Blues and the Honest TruthListen now | Chatting about music with the mastermind behind The Federalist. Plus: The sophisticated jive and blues of Amos Millburn.
Sohrab Ahmari: The Spectacular Inadequacy of the Liberal RightListen now | Discussing Post-Liberalism with the writer, editor, and conservative intellectual lighting rod. Plus: Airto and his 1972 fusion…
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