This was a very thoughtful post and I have just learned of Mr Reaboi's writings. I don't think that it is possible to simply defeat radical Islam on the battlefield although we have to maintain an aggressive military posture. Instead, we have to discredit the hateful Islamic legal doctrines that sanction & promote violence against non-Muslims. Something like a religious Voice of America that would advocate for religious tolerance, freedom, & personal autonomy. But we are never going to bring this vision to reality in tribal, Islamic lands. Muslims have to reform their societies internally and it could take many more centuries.

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I now have so many conflicting attitudes toward what has happened since 9-11. David Reaboi thank you for outlining what is a conflicted topic to many of us that witnessed it for ourselves. Nothing is black and white, and you cannot revise history to fit current events.

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Thanks for such a thoughtful and insightful post. I agree with most of it and comfortably part company with most Trump supporters who now believe the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were a waste.

I parse it a bit differently though. I believe if we went in to help those nations set up constitutional republics with democratically elected politicians, I am comfortable with that.

But if we went in so Monsanto could take agriculture over from fifty million more people, then, no. I do not support that.

I read that farmers using traditional agricultural methods were locked up as terrorists when they refused to use Monsantos seeds.

This type of intervention is what the left has correctly been hollaring about for a hundred years as the Wars have played out.


Jenny Marie Hatch

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