About “Late Republic Nonsense”

I came up with “Late Republic Nonsense” several years ago as a way to describe so many of the things happening all around us. 

I’m going to be writing here about things I love—things I’ve learned about, become obsessed with, and want to share. 

I’m also going to write here about the crisis of contemporary America—and the small, few pieces I feel I can contribute to illuminating, or at least understanding. One of those things is the importance of art and aesthetics, but there will be politics and social and cultural commentary, as well.

I hope you enjoy, share, and help support this new endeavor by becoming a subscriber. 


About Me

David Reaboi works at the intersection of communications and policy, specializing in national security, political warfare, influence operations, and the media.

When conservative activist and publisher Andrew Breitbart wanted to create a national security-focused website in 2010, he turned to David to launch and helm Big Peace. Since that time, he has created and grown more than 20 websites and online publishing platforms, as well as run dozens of public policy and communications campaigns.

In addition, he is the president of Strategic Improvisation, a communications company focused on developing and executing impactful and flexible strategies for a variety of clients in the national security world.

David received a BA from George Washington University in International Affairs, with a concentration in the history of the Cold War. He is a Claremont Institute Lincoln Fellow, a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, and has ghostwritten or contributed to several book about Sunni Islamist movements. He is the author of Qatar’s Shadow War: The Islamist Emirate and Its Information Operations in the United States.

His work appears regularly at American Greatness, The Federalist, Claremont Review of Books, The Washington Times, Jewish Journal, Human Events, The American Mind, RedState, PJMedia, and else- where.

He lives in Miami Beach.


davereaboi.com | @davereaboi | davereaboi.substack.com

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