Jordan Schachtel: One or Two White Pills

LRN is now on YouTube! David and Jordan do a cross-posted podcast, discussing some reasons for optimism in an increasingly bizarre and corrupt Late Republic.


This is the first audio and video episode of Late Republic Nonsense podcast, on the newly-launched (and as-yet completely free of subscribers) LRN YouTube channel. As Tim Pool says, “smash those like and subscribe buttons.”

I’m going to be doing podcasts there, as well as doing some livestreams. Looking forward to uploading last week’s really enjoyable interview with Vinnie Colaiuta there shortly. My friend Rick Beato has been encouraging me to do this, though I was hesitant about it for a while. (Thanks so much for the push, man!)

Episode 4: Jordan Schachtel

Jordan Schachtel is an investigative journalist who writes at The Dossier. Prior to becoming outspoken on the Covid issue in 2020, he worked as an analyst primarily on national security issues. His writing appeared frequently at Conservative Review, The Blaze, Breitbart and many other publications. Jordan and I have known each other for years, done a lot of work together.

Jordan and I both went through a similar political evolution in the last several years, and have wound up in a similar place: completely disillusioned by the permanent national security bureaucracy’s deep ideological commitment married to its embarrassing incompetence. As we discussed, the emergence of that elite class—what is often described as the Deep State—has lead not only to crises domestically and globally, but it has changed the character of the Founders’ regime. Both of us agree that the American regime is in crisis, but here we discuss some reasons for optimism.

In addition to the political stuff, both Jordan and I wound up leaving the Washington DC sewer for South Florida in the last few years. (We’ll have to reprise our Clubhouse chats with a podcast on moving to Florida soon.) I hope you enjoy the chat.

Intro Music

Tim Maia's “Mal de Amor,” from his last masterpiece album, O Descobridor dos Sete Mares (1983).