Jun 24, 2021 • 1HR 21M

Amanda Milius: Star Wars is Shit & Other Things to Teach Your Kids

David and Amanda talk about being disagreeable, travel, Washington, and our current political moment.

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This is the first Late Republic Nonsense Podcast.

I’m so blessed, in life, to have so many very interesting and wonderful friends. It’s something I’ve known for a long time—but in the last several years, the circle has widened and deepened a lot. I wanted to do a podcast where I just spoke to some of the folks I know, new friends and old, and we managed to have a real conversation. Part of this, necessarily, means that I skipped the desktop computer and microphone for the couch and the phone. I had a feeling it would change the ambiance and energy of the chat—making it more intimate, and removing as much of the “podcast” artifice as possible. It sounds exactly like a phone call, because it is. I hope what’s conveyed to the listener is a bit of spontaneity, humor, insight, and real affection between the folks speaking. —Cheers, David

Episode 1: Amanda Milius

Amanda Milius is a filmmaker and director, most recently, of the gripping and very well-made real-life political thriller, The Plot Against the President. She spent four years working in the Trump administration, at both the White House and as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Content in Foggy Bottom—which is where we met.

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