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It's Nice, But It Won't Be Worth Much

Michael Anton: National Security in a Time of Domestic Polarization and Crisis

Virginia and the Horse-Races of Beltway Elections

Red American Cities, Gentrification, and the Future

National Divorce in the News

Meetup in Dallas: Thursday, Oct 14

National Divorce Is Expensive, But It's Worth Every Penny

Remembering Angelo Codevilla

Has America Given Up? Talking Covid Insanity and National Divorce with Jesse Kelly

9/11/2001 +20

Robert E. Lee at Year Zero

‘You Need to Know What Time It Is’

Marisa Monte: Portas (2021)

Autonomy for Red America, Part 2

Michael Anton Cooks: The French Omelette

Kyle Shideler: The Afghanistan Band-Aid Comes Off

Autonomy for Red America, Part 1

Michael Anton Cooks

A Waltz About Rio and a Quick Process of Discovery

Max Abrahms: Partisanship as Counterterrorism

Walter Kirn: Anthony Fauci is the Classic Film Noir Villain

Default Friend: The Beauty of Each Thing

Some Obsessions, Hatreds and Habits

"Stop Yelling Stop" and Check the Time

Shirley Horn: 3 Records (1961-1988)

Jordan Schachtel: One or Two White Pills

Vinnie Colaiuta: Heroes and Humility

Oliver Nelson: The Blues and the Abstract Truth (1961)

Beyond "Whiteness": Positive and Negative Identities for White Americans

Lee Smith: Politics is Nothing

Amanda Milius: Star Wars is Shit & Other Things to Teach Your Kids

What Cultural Scenes Can Teach Us About Politics

What was your musical gateway drug?

Moody's Mood for Love: How to Listen to Vocalese

Djavan: A Voz E O Violão (1976)

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